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When Jesus shows up, everything changes! Jesus is strong enough to bring light into the darkest places. Multitudes of people Ė Christian and non - struggle with everything from abuse to bankruptcy, from cancer to divorce, but don't know how to bring Jesus into the places of their greatest need. Our mission is to change that. We want you to know how to access the grace of God for real life, real struggles. Hundreds of people from dozens of countries have written to say how much the ministry of DwightClough.com has helped them. By helping us help them, you are making an eternal difference for good. Thank you for supporting this ministry!

What happens when you partner with Dwight Clough Ministries? Victims of violent crimes and survivors of abuse are finding peace, wholeness, the power to forgive and the strength to set boundaries. Those ensnared by addictions are finding freedom. Marriages are being restored. Families are strengthened. Christian brothers and sisters in restricted lands who face persecution are finding strength and encouragement. Young believers are learning how to walk with the Lord, and people are coming into the faith for the first time. None of this happens as a result of one person's efforts, but rather this is God's work as He blesses the sacrifice of many people including yourself. We partner with you, with other ministries, and, most significantly, with the Lord. That's how the supernatural happens.

Our ministry includes: Thank you!!
Because of you, we ... As a 501(c)3 corporation, Dwight Clough Ministries also supports other ministries worldwide that are bringing healing, help and reconciliation to those who are truly needy.

Dwight Clough Ministries Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity corporation. Your donations are deductible for US income tax purposes. To make a donation of any amount to our ministry, make your check or money order in US funds payable to:
Dwight Clough Ministries Inc.
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Your support of Dwight Clough Ministries allows us to make these spiritual growth resources available worldwide. A $50 donation underwrites for a new chapter in the Discoveries Bible or a new devotional. A $75 donation underwrites a prayer ministry session. The "Donate Here" button allows you to donate any amount online. The "Mail In Here" button allows you to donate any amount through the mail.
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Supporting Dwight Clough Ministries
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I recommend Dwight Clough's site for anybody who is hungry for God.
- Evangelist Tom Stamman

"Quite some time ago, I used to ask God for an angel that could answer to all my questions. An angel for company and comfort. But not long ago, I started receiving your emails (Discoveries), honestly, I havenít got a clue how or when did I sign up. The unthinkable is, every message you sent that I have read was exactly the answers I needed to face the situation at hand. Strange, right? But I really do think God answered my prayer. He sent me an angel through you. Your messages seem to be Godís words to me. Answering me, teaching me. I am grateful for this heavenly gift and I would like you to share this miracle I received from the Father."

"Your book is therapy for me . . . you have struck gold . . . there is "life" in your book. I found myself laughing and crying . . . I believe I saw what God must think of me ... "

"Thank you for sending these devotions everyday! They are awesome! Today's devotional was exactly what I have been thinking about and how to battle this such issue! Keep up your awesome ministry!"

"The first thing I do every morning when I turn on the computer is to read your encouraging message. You have blessed my heart and improved my daily meditation on the word of God. . . . I am writing this mail from Dar es salaam, Tanzania, East Africa."

"i really have to thank you for your encouraging words they almost make me feel as if there coming right from the lord himself"

"Dwight, i am originally from uganda, but i live and work in the UK. But i send the your inspirations almost across the globe. God bless your unselish heart."

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